Thursday, April 30, 2015

Market Prep Craziness and Prints Charming.

Good morning all. My name is Joy. I am Sandy's assistant. I will be taking over her blog today as she is running around like a crazy women mumbling something about how we are never going to get all of these quilts pieced, quilted, bound and photographed before May 12th -  which is market pack up day.
The weeks before market are pure craziness here at the studio.
First there is the constant peering out the window to see if she can spot the UPS truck. Any day now, Mr. Brown should be delivering Sandy's new fabric line Prints Charming. After days of waiting,  Mr. Brown arrives with big packages.

But are they the right packages? 

Yes! I see blue and white tape. Sandy does a happy dance.

Prints Charming  has arrived - let the craziness begin!

During all of this market craziness Sandy always seems to get a severe case of "market brain".
For example - last week on our way back to work after our lunch break, we passed by a billboard.
Here was the conversation that ensued.
Did you see that billboard. It said Quilt For Good. Quilt For Free.
Really, you think it said Quilt For Good. Quilt For Free.
Yes. And I am going around the block so I can read the fine print and see what this quilt for free is all about.
Joy: Okay you do that. (We drive around the block to get the details.) This is what we see.

Quit For Good. Quit for Free. QUIT - not quilt. BIG difference.

Sandy: I'm blaming "market brain".
Joy: You really need to get some sleep.

Now you tell me - which of us has the better head on her shoulders - market brain or not.
(I'm pretty sure it is me.)

There is so much more to do than just getting these seven market quilts finished before May 12th.

#1 Green Thumb
Just the embroidery and quilting left to do.

#2 Sew Crazy
Started but not finished.

#3 Crown Jewel
Have not even cut this one. Yikes!

#4 Pick-up Stix 
About 1/2 done.

#5 Her Majesty
Half square triangles are being made as I type.

#6 One and Done
At the quilters. Yippee!

#7 Radiant Beauty
Just the last two borders to go!

Here is the rest of the to-do list 
Sell sheets to be designed, proofed, printed, folded and boxed.
Sandy has to design her booth - which I hear involves painting table and chairs.
Make new chair cushions for the booth chairs.
Booth walls need to be painted to match her new line of fabric Prints Charming.
A trip out of town to buy some new booth carpet.
  4 quilt blocks need to be pieced for the Moda School house. (Something about Schoolhouse Shuffle)
The designer needs to pretty up a bit. A shower would be nice. Followed by a haircut and color. And those toes - if she is planning on wearing sandals  - she needs to get a pedicure. Pretty sure her toes have not seen the inside of a Pedi salon since October of 2014. Yikes! And maybe she should shave her legs before she gets a pedi - just sayn'. Wowzer.
Shopping for clothes - that fit. (There was a lot of snacking going on this past winter)
She said something about making me a new dress for market. 

Well I hope so.
If she thinks I am going to wear the same thing
 I wore last year she has another think coming.

Then there are the things that are NOT on the to-do list and rarely happen during the weeks before market.
Here is the NOT to-do list:
Sleep. (Only if she can catch a quick nap at the sewing machine.)
Preparing a meal.
She served the hubby leftovers for dinner AGAIN tonight.

She served them on the fine china and with wine as a decoy. I see she paired the leftovers with white wine. (The hubby does not drink wine - so I am pretty sure we all know who is drinking the wine.)
Wash clothes.
Shower. (Good thing I don't have much of a nose.)
Empty the trash.

The hubby, who does all of Sandy's printing, is usually pretty good about picking up the slack at market time. But this year he has been mysteriously absent.  He claims there is nothing he can do until he receives the photographs of the quilts. He is always mumbling something about not being able to print a pattern cover until he has a picture of the quilt to put on the pattern cover. (He might have a point.)

This pattern cover would be a tough sell.
And I'm  pretty sure we would be receiving some cranky phone calls.

But I think there are other things he could do like take out the freight boxes.
(I would take them out myself -  if I could.)

He claims he is too busy with important meetings west of town. It seemed that some of his friends also had meetings west of town. After quite a few of these said meetings I decided to go west of town to investigate. Only one problem - no drivers license. For some reason the state will not issue me a drivers license. Every time I go to the drivers license office they all look at me like I have two heads…

clearly not the case.
So  I commissioned one of my friends to come to the rescue.

She picked me up in her Astro van. 
The Astro is a great stake-out vehicle - big windows.  
We headed west. 
And like any good PI, we followed the trial…

of golf carts. BUSTED!

I'm sure you are all thinking Sandy is never going to get everything on her to-do list done.
I can assure you she will. She has very dedicated seamstresses who are willing to work the extra hours and put in the extra effort to get it done. She couldn't do it without them.

I best be going - I need to get back to doing what I do best. 

Sit in a corner and look pretty.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fat Quarter's 2015 Designer Mystery BOM

Hello and welcome to Fat Quarter's 2015 Designer Mystery BOM blog hop.

Myself and 11 other Moda designers/design teams will be blogging today.

This year's mystery quilt features different town/building blocks. To tie in with this theme the fine people over at Fat Quarters asked us this question. “Out of all the places you’ve visited, which place is your favorite?”  My favorite is NYC without a doubt.

I love everything about the city. I love that you can walk into a retail store and not only find cool things to buy but see other cool things that might be part of a display or just part of the building.

 Like a very interesting floor made out of pennies. 

Or an interesting tile display in a store - the tile are not for sale. We were told that they have been hanging there as long as the shop owner could remember.

Or a sign made out of mannequin arms and legs.

You can be walking along and a flea market breaks out right in the middle of the street.

You can find all kinds of cool things at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
One of these years while the DH is on one of his fishing or golf trips I want to rent someone's apartment in the garment district for about 10 days and do nothing but shop garment fabric by day and sew garments by night.
How fun would that dream vacation for sure. Anybody out there in the NYC garment district who is game to rent me their apartment for a week or two?
We also were sent a link to a test to determine which 2015 Designer Mystery Quilt Block We Were?

The test determined that I am a Row House Quilt block: You are the “Row House” quilt block. DIY is your domain; you appreciate giving new life to vintage things. (Pretty right on I would say)

 Which 2015 Designer Mystery Quilt Block are you? Take our personality quiz to find out, plus catch a sneak peek at the mystery block in your result. To find out more about our 2015 Designer Mystery Block of the Month club, visit!
Go here and here to find out more about the the Mystery.
What is your favorite place to visit?

 Leave a comment in the comment section to have a chance to win a Jelly Roll from my new fall line Perfectly Seasoned.
Happy Quilting.
From my heart,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moda Love Winners

All good things must come to an end. 
Thank you all for participating in the Moda Love blog hop.

And the winners are.
Layer Cake and The Same But Different pattern:
cityquilter grace September 9, 2014 at 6:09 AM
i love cool crisp autumn's here now and am lovin' it! and i love sandy gervais designs....pumpkins gone wild, flirt...many more...

Jelly Roll and a Fine China pattern:
Sandi September 9, 2014 at 3:07 PM
I love creativity especially to see what each Moda designer has done to made the basic pattern her own. How it looks so different depending on the fabric line that is used. I looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Fat Eight Bundle:
Heidi C September 9, 2014 at 8:21 AM
I love cool fall days, going for a walk with my dog and then sitting down to sew. BTW you are one of my favorite fabric designers!

Please email me with you addresses so I can send out your prizes.
Happy quilting!
From my heart.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moda Love - My Day

Welcome day 6 of the Moda Love blog hop.
It is my day to blog along with these two talented gals.

 Bonnie of Cotton Way 

I am not going to explain the whole school house/blog hop thing again as I think the previous bloggers have filled you in with all of the information that you need to know.
We were told we could take the basic pattern and add to it to make it our own using the line of fabric debuting at Spring market. 

My fabric line was Rambling Rose.
This fabric will be shipping in October. 

On Sept. 27th. I will be having an outdoor quilt show at our local retreat center, The Quilted Steeple. I wanted to use my quilt as a feature quilt in the show so I added borders and  my company name to the basic pattern. The Quilted Steeple will also have "A Chat With Sandy Gervais" starting at 1:00 PM in the church sanctuary. (Sept 27th.) I will tell a little about myself and then we will open the floor up to questions. We would love to have you join us. Fall in the country is beautiful!

Here is the link for the basic pattern. (There is no pattern for my additions.) Be creative and see what you can do with this basic pattern to make it "yours".

Moda Lissa gave us a list of questions to answer - so here goes.

When did you start quilting? Tell us about your first quilt.
I did not start to quilt until 1992. My first quilts were actually little wall hangings. I started out sewing clothing. My mother taught me to sew starting at age 8 when I joined the local 4-H club. I was in sewing for all 10 years that I belonged to 4-H.

When did you fall in LOVE with quilting/ textiles? and Why? 
At a very young age. I was a happy day when mom would say, "let's go material shopping". Usually I picked out the material first and then found a pattern.

 It was so relaxing thumbing through the big pattern books to find just the right pattern for my material. (fabric was call material back then) You can buy this vintage pattern book here.

 What fuels you to create? 
Chocolate and deadlines. (Nothing like a looming deadline to get the creating juices flowing.)

What  is the best part of your design process? 
Mixing the paint colors to start a line of fabric.
I love playing with color!

I get shaky knees when...... 

When I dance—and they are not shaking to the beat of the music. 
Known fact  - the Gervais do not dance.

I love the color......
I LOVE RED! Especially a warm orangy red,  much like the color of the sweater I am wearing in the Moda School house video.
I appear 5:53 into the video.

This project features a layer cake, charm pack or mini charm, but what is your all time favorite Moda precut?
I like to design with charm packs the best. It is kind of like a puzzle to me - trying to figure out what image I can make using the various squares. You can find all of  my Charm Pack™ patterns here.

I would love to spend a day with...... Tim Gunn - discussing the de-slopification (Tim's word) of America.

I hope you LOVE Rambling Rose which will be shipping to stores very soon.
LOVE us on Facebook  (okay Like us)

Leave a comment and tell me what you love. It could be a person, a fabric line, a notion, a pattern - anything -  to be eligible to win a Rambling Rose Layer Cake™, Jelly Roll™ or Charm Pack™.

The winners will be announced n Sept.13th.
Tomorrow's bloggers are 

Check back here on the 13th to see if you have won a prize!
From my heart,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moda Love Blog Hop

Here it is September 5th...4 days after the start of the Moda Love Blog Hop.
So sorry I have been out attending to a family medical emergency.

Here is the Blog Hop Schedule.
I will be blogging on Monday Sept 9th.

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Kate Spain –
Thimbleblossoms –

Amy Ellis –
Eric +Julie Comstock-
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Basic Grey –
Fig Tree and Co. –
Pat Sloan –

April Rosenthal –
French General –
Minick and Simpson –

Cotton Way –
Sandy Gervais –
Primitive Gatherings –

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
Bunny Hill –
Deb Strain -
Kansas Troubles –

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
Kathy Schmitz –
Laundry Basket Quilts –
Zen Chic –

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014
Me and My Sister Designs –
Jan Patek –
Sweetwater –

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014
Winners Announced on ALL Designer Blogs listed above

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Home Again

To market to market to buy a fat quarter...Home again, home again jiggety-jig. ( I know it does not rhyme ;-)
We are just back from International Quilt market in Pittsburgh.
I missed fall market so it was great to chat with my customers again.

As usual we were kept pretty busy with market and did not have a lot of time to explore Pittsburgh.
We did however stumble upon a great popcorn shop - Pittsburgh Popcorn. One of the flavors of the week was Creamy Salted Caramel. To die for ooey gooey caramel drizzled over salty popcorn - simply the best. I ate the whole bag during the first day of the show.  I wanted another bag but sadly it was a new week and Creamy Salted Caramel was no longer available. But let me tell ya, Chunky Chocolate Caramel is a close second.

I see the week of May 30-June 5th,  the featured popcorn is Dill Pickle. Sounds interesting. I read in their brochure that the feature flavor during November is Stuffing - Would love to get my hands on some of that flavor. I see they ship out, but only their regular flavors not the weekly flavors - darn!

Enough about popcorn - back to business. Here is a look at the quilts using my new line of fabric Rambling Rose featured at Market. These patterns will not ship until October so this is just a tease.

When we left Iowa spring was just starting to appear. The leaves on the trees were just starting to leaf out. We have had a cold miserable spring. Upon arriving home we found warmer weather, leaves on the trees, and the crab apple trees and lilacs in full bloom. Lilacs are my favorite flowers.

I picked a large bouquet and put them in a fruit jar just as my Grammie did every spring.

I had some drawing to do today. It was too nice to be inside. I decided to head to the lake to do my drawing.

Something about the outdoors and water really gets my creative juices flowing… much more than inside a building. The perk of being self employed.

One of the Moda sales reps, Gene Stuart did a little video of each of the designers in their booth. Here is  my video.

If the camera doesn't add 10 pounds, for sure a big bag of ooey gooey Creamy Salted Popcorn will. Yikes!

Until next time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


The winner of the Table for Two jelly roll is:
Lynne, Lynn said.
LOL, loved your "Joy" story, you had me going there for a minute. My Husband, children and Mom and sisters bring me more joy than I could ever hope for. Thanks for your sweet, silly 
Thanks to everyone who left a comment and followed along with the hop!

From my heart,